A small image of the home screen. The image is a button which takes you back to the home screen for In Heat, Cold Sweat.


Runtime: 10:10 minutes


Artists: Crab Content


Description: Originally named Pearl, Aggregation is a series of 3 videos dealing with the concepts of pregnancy and personhood. Like pearls, people are built from layers of meaning surrounding a speck of dirt. Where does identity lie? In the flesh, in the brain, in the interactions with other people? Or, as it seems more and more, in the digital world.



Crab Content works full time as a wife respecter, translator and writer. After a decade in Berlin as a member of Coven Berlin, he moved to Granada. Most of his work is in writing, but he has also worked in video and installations. In his free time, he researches memes, and he is currently growing a person.