A small image of the home screen. The image is a button which takes you back to the home screen for In Heat, Cold Sweat.


Runtime: 4:17 minutes


Artist: Daddypuss Rex


Description: Taking inspiration from Maya Angelou's 'Still I Rise' and the artist's own poetic work, Blackbodywhitetears is a visual representation of the narrator's experience in surviving and trying to find joy in a visibly Black and visibly gender nonconfirming, queer body while operating within violent white supremacist, colonial and cishetero hegemonic systems. The piece asks the viewer to examine how their own unchecked privileges, their biases and their fragilities are complicit in the oppression of those who have been historically disenfranchised and othered. In a cold sweat, the artist Daddypuss Rex leaves behind nights of terror and fear and emerges into a daybreak that is wondrously clear...The heat and the embers from burnt white crosses long since gone.



By night, Lee Modupeh Anansi Freeman AKA Daddypuss Rex is an intersectional gender terrorist with a big mouth and who isn’t afraid to use it. Based in Berlin, they are a multidisciplinary artist/poet/stand-up comedian, community organiser and co-producer of the QueerTrans talk show ‘Just The T’. They often use a mix of poetry and humour to navigate topics such as white supremacy, misogynoir, transphobia and general colonial fuckery. With their artistic practice, their goal is to touch hearts, minds and butts... with active consent! Conversely, by day, Lee Freeman is a trauma-informed yoga teacher and founder of Iroko Yoga. Their classes honor both the African (Kemetic) and Vedantic yoga systems and they center BIPoC and Queer/Trans experiences, narratives and bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities.