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Making Hot Sauce with Luiza Prado

Runtime: 16:39 minutes


Artist: Luiza Prado


Description: Luiza Prado will not waste an opportunity to feed people, or so it was revealed after we visited her in her sweet Berlin apartment. In our interview, she shared a delicious hot sauce family recipe with us and told us about her interest in food and cooking. In an intimate conversation, we discussed the potential of the kitchen as a site for resistance, food and cooking as dissident archives, and the simplicity and comfort of the stew as a metaphor for a more compassionate living together.



Dr. Luiza Prado de O. Martins is an artist and researcher whose work examines themes around fertility, reproduction, coloniality, gender, and race. In her doctoral dissertation she approaches the control over fertility and reproduction as a foundational biopolitical gesture for the establishment of the colonial/modern gender system, theorizing the emergence of ‘technoecologies of birth control’ as a framework for observing — and resisting, disrupting, troubling — colonial domination. Her ongoing artistic research project, “A Topography of Excesses,” looks into encounters between human and plant beings within the context of indigenous and folk reproductive medicine, approaching these practices as expressions of radical care.