Year of the


A picture of a small stone object, blue and squarish with two rectangular supports.

Local Celebrity and Meme Lorde of Berlin, Emotional Labor Queen,
AKA Cleo Kempe Towers, graced us with a live episode of their podcast,
Moist Secrets, with Louise Trueheart of Coven on 23rd May 2021.
They talk about memes, mental health, queer love, and astrology.
In their podcast, Towers works through power dynamics, ritualistic obsession,
emotional labor, femme survival, and astrological healing, and this
episode asks what role memes play as emotional support, artistic outlet,
and communication method in our matters of the heart.  

A picture of a small stone object, orange and half-circular.

A workshop about memes
and meme-making.
Recorded on 22 May 2021 during
DM4DT at feldf├╝nf in Berlin, Germany.